Ushering in a new era for pain relief and pain management with advanced, sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology

ELFcareTM: ONE device with ONE electrode that does it all:  electrotherapy/E-stim and thermotherapy, together, separately and according to pre-set or programmed protocols and algorithms.


ELFcare is a professional system suitable for use in hospitals and clinics, by physicians, sports medicine specialists, physiotherapists, and other health care professionals within the field of pain relief and rehabilitation...

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ELF&Go offers self-management videos in coordination with ELFcare's user-friendly patient interface, combining movement sequences with ELFcare's unique three-in-one electro-thermo-therapy treatment...

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Mediseb's ELFsoft™ software provides advanced tools for modifying the ELFcare™ device and building new treatment protocols combining Electro-therapy and Thermo-therapy...

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about mediseb

Mediseb Ltd. was established in late 2000 as a spin-off of SeBo Technologies Ltd http:\\ to promote innovative ideas for products in the medical devices field...

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