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Pain relief and pain management for the third millennium

ELFcareTM: sophisticated, cutting-edge technology in the palm of your hand, controlling treatment with heat, cold and electrotherapy on the surface of one electrode.

Pain management is a crucial factor in today's healthcare system, whether chronic or acute.

However, with existing technology pain management is expensive and does not always help the patient.  Medications are becoming less and less desirable due to side effects, addiction issues and expense.  Surgery is invasive, traumatic and brings its own risks and side effects into the picture.

It is time to harness a new wave of technology to manage and relieve pain.  After years of research on the neuropathic physiology of pain, Mediseb has done just that, in its development of the ELFcare system, the first device to combine electrotherapy and thermal (hot/cold) therapy in one electrode. 

This combination is evidence of Mediseb's new, sophisticated and functionally different approach to pain relief and pain management.  And clinical studies have shown that combining the modalities simply works better than applying each method individually. 


What can the ELFcareTM system provide for the patient?

  • simple electrotherapy stimuli

    simple hot or cold therapy

  • simultaneous heat and electrotherapy

  • simultaneous cold and electrotherapy

  • programmed bursts of heat, cold and electrotherapy stimuli in treatment patterns

  • pre-set protocols enabling use of the device for simple treatment using individual modalities, or complex treatment using combined modalities.

  • software (ELFsoft) for the development of new individualized treatment protocols.


What can the ELFcareTM system provide for the practitioner?

ELFcare's standard pre-set protocols bring user-friendly sophisticated technology into the treatment arena for every healthcare practitioner, and for every patient.  Treatment can be continued independently at home by the patient, and is simple to monitor using the software, recall ability and external modem.


For the specialist, the many options delivered by the ELFsoft software for development of new individualized treatment protocols opens up endless possibilities for true advances in the field of pain relief and pain management, taking treatment to a whole new level of effectiveness through technological sophistication..

Clinical Studies:

Several controlled clinical studies were carried out usiing the ELFcare™. The results in all studies, as shown in the chart below, clearly indicated that ELFcare™ offers a more efficient way of relieving pain, achieved with no side  effects. 

Further clinical trials are scheduled for 2013-2014.

Clinical Studies Bar Chart2