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Physiotherapy team, Physiotherapy Institute, Sports Medicine Center, Wingate Institute

Physical therapists as a team sport injuries Department of Sports Medicine Center at the Wingate Institute, we treat many athletes from youth to Israel's Olympic team, accompanied by many sports tournaments expeditions and training camps abroad. 
Device - ELFcare is an efficient, convenient and portable for that purpose. Possibility to integrate heating and cooling along with a variety of therapeutic protocols device generates a unique value during treatment. 

We found the device - ELFcare very effective in the following cases: 

  • Sprains and fresh (in combination with local cooling) 
  • Trigger Points (in combination with local heating) 
  • Local injuries 
  • specific injuries


Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Recommendation for use of your device 

My name is Ido Dana, Certified Physical Therapist, graduate of the University of Tel Aviv. As the physical therapist of Maccabi Tel Aviv football team and as the manager of Sport Clinic, I rehabilitate athletes from many and different types on a daily basis. As I perceive it my job is to identify the problem and its' related bio-mechanical malfunctions, treat the problem and the malfunction that caused it, and quickly and effectively return the athlete to regular activity.

Recently you gave me your device for a trial period. After a short while using the device, I can state that the device combines many important therapeutic abilities in my field of expertise with ease of use. The device offers the effective combination of simultaneously providing electro-therapy with thermo-therapy, that apparently a lot of thought and research was put into it. Since the device has IF currents which are high frequency  flows, the device ensures the deep and effective immersion of the currents to the body. The thermo-unit also ensures the deep and effective immersion of heat and cold to the body.

Though the principles of treatment with electro-therapy and thermo-therapy, as the advantages when treating sports injuries, are known and clear - but for the first time this device combines the two effectively and facilitates a wide range of programs that treat a wide range of injuries such as tendonitis, muscle strains, sprains etc. with ranging degrees of severity, from acute to chronic.  

In conclusion, I have enjoyed using this device, it's effectiveness in treating sport injuries, it's ease of use and the positive feedback from my team and my patients. I intend to purchase the device for the use of Maccabi Tel Aviv and Sport Clinic.


Israel's Judo national teams

Thank you for the efforts that you made on behalf of your company.

In spite of the short notice that we gave you, your presentation and explanations about using the ELFcare device were very useful. In the name of the Israel's Judo national teams I would like to thank you for your time and for giving us the opportunity to have and use the device. The device is very useful for us and we use it mainly for knee and shoulder injuries.

We find a lot of benefits using the device:

  • The device is small and portable. It can be easily taken when traveling. It was very useful during the last training camp the team had in Brazil.
  • The device is not specific and can be used in different manual therapies. The variety wave types give the ability to use the device for different injuries and body parts.

The device was helpful for the following injuries / body structure that I used:

  • Knee springs
  • Tear ligaments at the knee
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Inflammation 

I hope for keeping this fruitful collaboration for the upcoming team trip for training camps and competitions.

Best regards,
Nimrod Moshe, Israel's Judo National teams Physiotherapist


It is very popular treatment combines Electrotherapy and Hot and Cold Pack, but it is not comfortable and temperature during the treatment not constant.

ELFcare combine Thermo and Electrotherapy in one unit and allows choose and maintain desired temperature during treatment.

In treatment I'm preferring to use Cycling Thermotherapy and Interferential sweep current. Cycling Thermotherapy (hot/cold/hot/cold) is unique and very effective function of ELFcare.

 ELFcare is portable simple to use and very effective device.

From this month we are starting clinical trials in our Hospital with ELFcare, purpose of study is evaluate the pain relief in patients of Osteoarthritis of knee.

Prof. Meir Nyska
Orthopedics department of Meir Medical Center


Pain Relief Unit

From June-October 2010, ELFcare was clinically tested in the Pain Relief Unit of the Rambam Medical Center.

A treatment course for 10 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee joint was carried out.

The course for each patient consisted of 10 weekly sessions with selected individual treatment program. 8 of the 10 patients experienced positive effects; 2 patients were unaffected.

A treatment course for 12 patients suffering back pain was carried out. The course for each patient consisted of 10 weekly sessions with a selected individual treatment program. 9 patients experienced positive effect with 50% - 70% reduction of pain since the start of the treatment. 3 patients were unaffected.

Another treatment course was carried out for 5 patients with various acute muscular pain. 1 - 2 procedure were applied with 100% success.

Each patient was given an individual treatment program, including thermotherapy (warming or cooling) and various kinds of electrotherapy.

ELFcare was successful in treating painful syndromes, notably acute muscular pain and affected joints.

For treatment by ELFcare the individual treatment program must be selected, but this increases the therapeutic range of the apparatus.

The Thermoelectrode and regular electrodes were used. A combination of the Thermoelectrode and regular electrode increases the area of influence of the device, thereby increasing its efficiency.

ELFcare is recommended for treatment of any painful syndromes, whether acute or chronic.

ELFcare can be used by physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors treating a painful syndrome.

ELFcare is recommended for personal use at home.

Dr. Victor Shebshavich,
Pain Relief Unit
Rambam Medical Center.


It was my pleasure and honor to try ELFcare Device in the Pain Clinics where I am working, and according to this experience, I can say that this device is safe and successful in the treatment of many kinds of pain.

Dr. E.Vatashscy