Frequently Asked Questions

Has ELFcare gone through any kind of clinical tests? How does it rank in comparison with other methods?

ELFcare's synergistic combination of cold, heat and electrotherapy is clinically proven to be one of the most effective treatment methods currently available for pain relief and rehabilitation.

Is there any need for accessories such as coolers or microwave ovens?

ELFcare's precision temperature calibration offers exact and stable treatment - no need for hot or cold packs, microwave ovens or cooling systems. 

Can patients continue treatment at home?

With ELFcare you can program the unit to carry out a complete series of treatments. ELFcare's recall ability will report what treatment was actually carried out, and when.

How can I follow my patient's treatment if it isn't carried out in the surgery?

ELFcare's recall ability allows you to monitor your patients' progress as closely as if they were coming to your clinic for treatment. In addition, in order to monitor your patient's treatment closely in between appointments, you can download treatment logs from the Internet at regular intervals as agreed upon between you and your patient.

Can ELFcare be used in sports medicine?

Since ELFcare is compact and portable, it is especially suitable for sports medicine, as treatment can be carried out in the gym or during time-out at the soccer finals.

Can I develop my own algorithms, or am I limited to the package of treatment protocols provided with the ELFcare system?

The ELFcare system is highly sophisticated and versatile. There is no protocol or algorithm currently available that the ELFcare system cannot handle. You can certainly create your own protocols and ensure the treatment programmed is exactly the treatment you have prescribed. You can also save your own protocols for future use.

What happens if I want to make a change in the treatment?  Does the patient have to make an appointment, or can I do this via the Internet?

No problem.  The ELFcare treatment sequences can be downloaded via the Internet, which makes things much more convenient for you and your patient.

The ELFcare system is new, and at the beginning I would rather check out existing treatment protocols before developing my own. Is there any way of doing this?

The ELFcare system includes a package of professionally recommended protocols for use with specific medical conditions.

I already have a computerized database for my patients. Is it possible to integrate the data on the ELFcare with the existing case file?

The ELFcare database can be integrated into any existing database software you may have installed. If you don't yet have software installed, you can use the ELFcare database for your case file organization. Once you enter a patient's name and ID, all the stored data can be utilized for reports and further treatments.

Do I have to give my patient complicated instructions on how to use the system?

If the patient is stressed out, it will make the treatment less effective. There are no complicated instructions. Self-treatment is simple. The unit is extremely easy to use, and voice messages and graphics will guide your patient step-by-step through treatment. No stress, no mess.

I can't always rely on patients to remember when to carry out treatment - does the ELFcare system have a solution?

ELFcare will remind your patient when to begin the treatment session with voice messages and flashing display. Your patient may decide not to carry out treatment at that time, in which case you will see a full report of what treatment was carried out at your patient's next appointment.

I have a patient who travels a lot. Will he be able to carry on with treatment during trips?

ELFcare is easy to carry, aesthetic and unobtrusive. Your patient can travel with ELFcare wherever he goes.

How can I be sure my patient won't inadvertently change the settings on the control unit?

ELFcare is tamper-proof. Thanks to the locking system, no unauthorized changes can be made to the treatment settings.

How long do the batteries last?

It depends on the program of the device setting. Usually the battery is sufficient for at least one hour of treatment at maximum power consumption. Thanks to ELFcare's recall ability, memory is retained by the unit even in the case of battery failure or replacement.