ELFcareTM provides simultaneous Hot/Cold and Electrotherapy


The ELFcare electrode allows the synergistic effect of combining calibrated hot/cold therapy and electrical therapy in one electrode.  This solid-state electrode is controlled by a portable device allowing the treatment to be independently conducted by the patient in his own home while remaining under medical supervision.  The system is based on a proprietary technological combination of Bi-directional Thermo Transfer (BTT) and conventional Electrotherapy.

This new technology features a number of important innovations. The heart of the technology is a unique thermoelectric electrode (ThermoElectrode) that can be operated in cooling or heating modes.  In the cooling mode, the module produces continuous and accurately controlled cold to the treated  area. This solid state "electronic ice" provides stable temperature for virtually unlimited periods of time. The same module, when operated in heating mode, introduces well-controlled heat to the treated area. The device has a 4-head electrode for localized electrotherapy and can also used with additional standard electrodes in parallel to it. Electrical and temperature calibrated modalities are applied in pre-programmed sequences for specific medical conditions according to medically approved protocols.ElfCare device image


The operation of the ELFcare™ is performed according to a particular treatment program consisting of a set of operating parameters such as, the duration of treatment sessions, the  duration and temperature of cold/heat sequences, the amplitude and frequency of the carrier signal, the type of modulation (bursts or continuous), the frequency of modulating signal, and the width of bursts and repetition frequency of bursts.  The system is multipolar, and thus the direction of the signals can also be pre-set, offering possibilities such as circular or linear movement of the signals between the poles or between the ThermoElectrode and a standard electrodes.

The ELFcareTM offers up to 100 preset treatment protocols with difference temperature profiles and electrical waveforms.
The ELFcareTM may be powered from its built-in battery or from the external Power Supply (included).